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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Here at, we make protecting user privacy a top priority. Your information is encrypted with the most reliable web security tools available on the market today. We care about our users’ feeling of security and their personal information, so we guarantee 100% discretion regarding their security and privacy.

We ask for your private information to help you make the best choice in the medicine that is right for you so that your shopping experience with us is streamlined.


The following are the purposes for which we collect information from our users:

For Registration

It is to facilitate the shopping process by filling in the personal details that are necessary for signing up for the website

To maintain the flow of Communication

Registering your email with us is a quick, easy way to stay in touch and keep up with the latest.

We do not compel users to share any information. Users can choose whether or not to submit information about themselves.

Those who do will be categorized as ‘opt-in’ users.


As a customer, you have the liberty to withdraw your personal information at any point in time. However, these personal details are necessary from our end to make smooth shopping an accurate depiction for you.


What Are The Cookies And What Are They Used For?

Cookies are one of the most important parts of our website. Like you, we hate unwanted advertisements too. So we have decided to send cookies to all of our users to place a small fraction of data in their devices so that we can distinguish every user from every other. And we use these tiny pieces of data only to stop our users from getting unwanted advertisements and not for any other purpose.


We use cookies to make our website easier and provide you with relevant information. If you continue, we assume that you consent to receive all cookies on all websites in the future.

The privacy policies of websites change over time as companies update their terms of use. Users are advised to read the guidelines before signing up with a website.